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And thus my quiet work begins again in earnest.

Mitch Mcconnell, US Senator and malevolent chelonian from another galaxy, is a piece of shit. I know right now it’s cool to focus our attention on Trump and everything, and I wouldn’t dare keep anyone from that pleasant past time, believe me, but ol’ Mitch needs to find his way back into the crypt he clawed his way out of. When it’s his time, I won’t be sad to see him return to the dust of the earth, though I’m fairly certain wherever his grave may lie will be cursed for generations thereafter. I imagine a square mile of blackened earth where no good thing will grow surrounding his eventual eternal resting place, that is, if the man is even capable of passing out of this life. For all we know, he could be an immortal evil, sent to plague us until the end of time. Perhaps the sins we’ve committed as a species are simply too great to be forgiven and have taken the form of this creature that now stalks the land, a reminder of our own wicked nature.

Or maybe he’s just an awful person that needs to be thrown out of office? Who can say, really? I think it wise to at least be aware of the possibilities.

Oh hey, I’m back probably. What’s up? Hope you guys like seeing a little JP Necromancer. I’ve got some mythological stuff in the works coming up, hopefully that will bring a smile to some of you.

I’ll be trying to fix up the site a little as well. I’m debating whether to move this whole thing to some other platform but I’ve a terrible fear of doing that so who knows if it’ll ever come to pass. Until then, I’ll try to get the main page working properly at the very least!