You know, the more things change, the more they stay the same. For thousands of years, I imagine there has been a rich heritage of lay people doing blue collar jobs and occasionally screwing things up only to try some ridiculous solution so they get off easy. I’m looking at you, people who built my mom’s sorry excuse for a foundation to her house!

This is the first Egyptian Mythology comic! Everyone celebrate! Okay, now stop celebrating. Continue reading.

Egyptian Mythology is pretty complicated and not something I feel as well-versed with as say…Norse myths, but they were my introduction into the world of folklore and ancient religions so they hold a special place in my heart. I remember reading about the pharaohs, pyramids, and burial rites of Ancient Egypt (to say nothing of the slavery that drove it all) and feeling pretty bewildered by the strange half-animal deities that peopled their rich mythos. One of the lesser known deities is Khepri, a scarab that rolls the sun across the sky each day, heating the earth (or in our case rolls poor baby Horus across the sky).

Many scarab beetles are also dung beetles (but not all!) and the ancient Egyptians supposedly observed these small creatures’ habits with great interest. Seeing tiny beetles born from dead materials was fascinating to them and they quickly became a widely recognized symbol of rebirth. Khepri was an early deity, worshiped simply as a beetle for a great deal of time though there are some later depictions of him as a man with the head of an entire scarab. It’s kind of weird looking.

Anyway, I posted on the facebook page to let everyone know shirts will probably be ordered tomorrow. They are going to cost 19 dollars which includes free shipping if you’re in the US. They will be on American Apparel t-shirt stock and professionally printed (not that shoddy cafe-press junk!). Orders outside the US, I believe will cost an extra dollar to ship. I’m also working on getting some buttons printed to help cover the cost of our trip to the Small Press Expo this year in September!

That’s right, William and I are going to SPX! Wooo! How exciting!