This strip has nothing to do with Harry Potter. I assure you. That said, one can never be certain that their neighborhood is not, in fact, playing host to witchery.

God makes his triumphant return in cat form. I’m still not sure why he chooses to look like that, but I’m certain there’s a reason.

My good friend Sweet William, of Para-Ten fame, is going to be supplying a guest strip at some point, probably next week. Prepare for greatness! I don’t plan to allow a lot of guest strips but William is awesome and it will give me some time to relax. Working on the art for the strip takes a few hours, but writing can take a long time to come up with ideas I think are really worthy of being posted on the interwebs.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone leaving comments and telling their friends! I always appreciate the help and the kind words. I can’t explain how much doing this comic for a living (even a bit of one) would appeal to me, and getting the word out is step one!

So thanks! <3