Ninja. The name alone conjures images of silent, deadly assassins from Feudal Japan. What do you think of when you think about ninja? Magic? Mysticism? Deadly martial arts? Vanishing acts that involve a piece of wood? My answer is: all of the above.

Thanks to Liz for this strip idea!

Ninja are probably the closest thing we have to an example of a serious modern myth in evolution. Hollywood, video games, and books all have something to say about the mysterious assassins but almost none of it is actually correct. Like most myths, there are elements of truth and because we’re closer to the real lives of these people, we can see it a bit more clearly. In a few hundred years people may not even remember what they were really like, even though ridiculous stories will still be told about them.

I guess we know a bit about why Lil K resorts to murder so often, now. His secret is revealed at last! Too bad this comic hasn’t got anything resembling continuity or this could be an incredible plot twist!

Today is my end-of-year critique for school. Once this is over I can finally relax a little bit and find some time to get things done. Buttons, mini comic, and a brand new comic will be forthcoming over the summer, not to mention a proper hub site for Studio 10kM. I am looking forward to it!