Just when you thought the story was over…it returned with a vengeance. In all honesty, the mini story was meant to be 3 strips that would allow me to tell a few funny jokes (only two of which featured owls) over the course of settling into my new routine here in Boston. Just after finishing the second and before the third was due, I rewrote the last two into what you can only assume are funnier strips.

Rest assured, it is now quite over. I don’t think my roommate Jessica would allow this continue, anyway.

This strip marks a milestone in the comic. It is the first time I have been able to draw the sketch on paper! Thanks to my other roommate, Matt, I now have a scanner and am able to consistently scan in any sketches I’ve done. Doing things this way makes life so much easier as sketching is far more natural on paper rather than on the computer. That also means our sketch blog will be coming to life again, I think. I want to get some animation up there as I said before, and hopefully that will happen soon.

Until then, enjoy this strip about owls. It is the last for a while, I think.

Oh yeah, William and I have completed a fantastic poster for 10Km! We are lpanning to remove a disgusting Antz poster from the animation basement at school and replace it with our own creation. We will have it available for viewing once it is entirely done and it will be in the print shop once we get that set up. We are figuring out pricing right now and debating on how we want to handle the store itself. It should be all done soon.