When Christians tell me God works in mysterious ways, I assume that’s just code for, “Our Supreme Deity is supremely lazy.”

I kid, I kid. But I do think this is a fairly common questions for those familiar with the Christian God or with any deity that claims to be all powerful and all knowing. With that kind of power, why let people suffer? Why not just fix it all if it took you no more effort than blinking or drinking a beer.

I think that’s why I draw God as a cat. Cats just seem like a perfect fit for a being of that caliber. There’s something at once indescribably alien and yet comfortably familiar about felines that I think is similar to the concept of God that I grew up with. Maybe that’s just me.

If there is a deity out there, I don’t imagine it’d make a whole lot of sense to creatures like us and I don’t imagine that going around solving everyone’s problems and setting everything to perfection would make for a very interesting universe to live in.

It’s really just sort of an idle question when it comes down to it. When we ask these questions we just think about how we’d handle all the problems of the world if we were in that position because we live here and we see it. We live with it every day and it isn’t easy. It’d be nice for us, at first, to live in a perfect world. I know I’d enjoy it. But who’s to say that perfection would last very long or that we’d benefit in the long term as a species and a universe from eternal peace and happiness?

Knowing how humanity generally works, it’s probably safe to bet that a lot of us would probably find some fault with such a state eventually. The old adage, “The grass is always greener on the other side” isn’t just about when things get tough. Even those that seem to have everything still find things to want.

Wondering whether God will come and save us or fix it all ultimately seems a little silly. We have bodies and brains and we have consciousness. We can fix our problems ourselves without help from outside. Sure, it’d be nice, but God hasn’t done much for the last 2000 years, so why sit around waiting now?

If I created beings as remarkable as ourselves, I think I’d be a little disappointed if they didn’t learn to take care of themselves.

Wouldn’t you?