Honestly, I am waiting for a time when we replace all religion and mythology with a pantheon of internet memes. At the forefront, Pedobear, chief among the meme-deities, followed closely by the “I can break these Cuffs!” guy, then Rick Astley, and so on. I guess if you were to come up with mytho-religious analogies, Pedobear would be Zeus/God, “I Can Break These Cuffs!” would be your Poseidon, and Rick Astley would just be a sort of divine Rick Astley.

Fair warning: I am considering doing more of these things.

Class, your lesson for today is on both Memes and the story of Fenrir.

If you’ve never seen the “I can Break These Cuffs” clip, I highly urge you to watch it. There is even a sweet remix which Sweet William and I have been known to play on guitar.

I didn’t manage to get any shirt designs done over the weekand but I did manage to get two pages of a short 8 page comic done! This comic is going to be featured in a small booklet of short comics by William and I which we’ll probably be selling at conventions and maybe over the internets if there is demand for it. I figured I would show you the first page, since you guys and girls are so awesome.