Oh jeez, sorry for the late update! I had the strip ready but forgot to upload it!

This is the second time a poor little old lady has been mugged in the dark in this comic. There is clearly something wrong with me.

The monster featured in this comic (also for the second time, though he looks far more menacing this time around) is the dread Popobawa. As a creature of the night, it has been known to stalk victims, terrifying the local populace in various East African cities and towns. The Popobawa, it was believed, would creep into an unsuspecting sleeper’s home through their window, and would often rape them. Hysteria afflicted these towns off and on for decades with regards to the Popobawa but they always seemed to escalate around the time of elections. It’s been thought that political factions whip up terror in an effort to push people toward voting for a specific candidate.

Though I suppose a bat-monster that rapes people is also a possibility.

Not a lot of blog post to read today as I am extremely tired and have to leave for Maryland tomorrow. As stated on Tuesday I will be at table W-33 with William at SPX. I’ve got single print comics, buttons, t-shirts, and Liz made stickers from comic panels! How exciting! I’m ridiculously nervous about the trip but I’m sure it will be good. Hope to see some of you there!