On the one hand, having Sasquatch for a dad would be pretty great. He knows the woods, so camping with him would undoubtedly be a great experience. He’s big and strong, so he can protect you from danger. On the other hand, his idea of quality ingredients probably doesn’t match our own…

One of the things I’ve always felt a little weirdly about, with regards to the comic, is the relationship between Sasquatch and Lil K. There have been a bunch of jokes about them but there hasn’t really been a very deep exploration of that facet of the strip and it’s something I kind of regret. Happle Tea is what it is and I’ve always been happy to do it and to let it grow organically. I’ve never set out to do something specific or focused on a particular concept or angle that I thought might become popular. It’s honestly been a very strange process for me to create this strip over the last four years. Most of what I started with has changed pretty drastically over that time span and it has changed without me really intending it to.

Let me elaborate.

When I did that first Sasquatch strip way back when, it was just a goofy one-off joke about a Sasquatch randomly being in Lil K’s kitchen. I’d be lying if I said that I planned where everything was going. That simple stupid joke evolved into Lil K and Sasquatch being roommates and eventually into Sasquatch being Lil K’s father. I’ve always loved the two of them together, there’s something very fun about drawing and writing K and Sass strips (even if they are few and far between). Part of the problem with doing more strips about them has always been that I try to make the strip as inclusive as I can. Not being a story comic, it’s hard to do jokes that I know people aren’t going to get if they haven’t read previous comics about the characters. One of the complaints I’ve had about the strip in general over the years is that the recurring characters don’t seem to be very fleshed out and I totally get that. Most of the time, they’re just vehicles for humor and it’s been that way for a reason. I want people that don’t know anything about the comic to be able to see a strip and get a laugh or at least a smile out of it without having to wonder at what’s going on between these people.

It’s largely been a good system for me, but I’ve been seriously considering possibilities for expanding on Lil K’s relationships, particularly with Sasquatch. There’s so much material there that I really want to dig into, all the stuff they’d get up to on a daily basis. Having a Sasquatch for a dad (or a fairly crazy human child for a son, depending on your perspective) must make for a life full of pitfalls and silly moments of victory, right?

One thing I’ve known for a very long time is how these two very different creatures met and just how far back their relationship goes. I’ve had a pretty complete outline for an animated short about the first time Lil K and Sasquatch met that I’d really like to start working on soon.

I’m thinking maybe that’d be a good outlet for getting into these characters a little bit more. Maybe I could do some shorts and some extra comics on the side.

Anyway, what a rambling blog post!

Many apologies for the lack of strips lately, there’s a lot going on right now and I’m trying to get myself back on track to get comics done consistently while dealing with some major life stuff!