Side effects the following morning may include: terrible taste in mouth, vomiting, headaches, and “Oh no, we didn’t…you know?” syndrome. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the effects of Love Potion. Love potion’s effects are purely temporary and are not actually love.

Hey Stacy is back! I never actually intended for her to become a recurring character but she seems to have done so anyway, seemingly of her own volition. You go, girl! Some day your supernatural romance escapades will work out. Some day.

I had an opportunity to draw a talking animal here to be the witch’s familiar and instead of doing something different, I drew another talking cat. I’m so lame.

We are now swiftly barreling our way toward Halloween and that means witch comics. The only problem with witch comics is that I have, more or less, exhausted the topic of witchery and witchcraft over these last 3 years when it comes to mining them for blog posts, hence this rather short and disorganized thing I’m typing now. Apologies!

Friday, I think we’ll have another witch comic with a proper blog post on a topic related to witches that we haven’t really discussed and next Tuesday we’ll hopefully have something a little more substantive about Halloween! Hooray!

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on the book situation as well: I am still working hard! It’s a big project so it’s going to take a bit to get everything in order. I’m also working on a short comic that I will probably sell online. How exciting!

Hope everyone’s having fun preparing for Halloween!

Also, there’s some great new fanart by AJ Janavel of Must Be This Tall where Sasquatch actually speaks! hah! Thanks AJ!