Back in the day, you know, them ancient times, the saying went, “Love is blind.” I guess to fall in love with a duck, that statement would have to be true.

In our celebrity-crazed, get-thin-or-die-trying, everyone-has-to-be-impossibly-photoshopped-to-be-beautiful culture this rule doesn’t always apply. There are plenty of people out there that go for looks alone and you can rest assured they will be most unhappy with how that works out.

In ancient Greece, the god of love and son of Aphrodite known as Eros was typically depicted as a young man equipped with arrows, bow, and blindfold. The Greeks took a lot of those interesting folk sayings and made them apply literally to their gods. Eros took part in a great many stories in Greek literature, and in some ways, he is the most powerful deity of the Pantheon though it is never stated directly. Throughout Greek mythology there are hints that not even the Gods can withstand the effect of Eros’s arrows. Zeus gets into quite a bit of trouble in many many stories due to his lustful ways and Eros is often painted as being directly responsible.

It is interesting to note that Eros has his own love story, that of his love for Psyche. In the tale (which is best told by a Roman, Apuleius) Eros nearly loses in his own bid for love but manages to salvage it in the very end.

There’s your Valentine’s Day mythology! Enjoy it!

Thanks to my brother for his help on this one!

Oh and here are some sketches I did the last few days.