BP has screwed up; we’re talking screwed up in a serious way. No, the oil leaking into the ocean isn’t the problem. They’ve just given it all away to a fierce competitor: Poseidon, Lord of the Sea. You don’t mess with that guy.

Historically, Poseidon has been a temperamental fellow. Numerous mythical grudges come up in association with his name and he was certainly responsible for a number of godly disturbances in the world of Ancient Greek stories. It seems the poor fellow was none too pleased with being given dominion over the sea when lots were drawn for rulership over particular realms. He has managed to hold onto that anger for quite some time. One imagines him in the black deeps, brooding and looking sullen, sinking ships just to break up the monotony of listening to dolphin chatter.

He should really focus on the positive in life. It could have been worse, he could have Hades’ job.

It’s a bit sad that it took an oil spill in the ocean to get Poseidon into a strip. I’m sure he’ll return at some point.

Also just wanted to give a big “Fuck you!” to BP. Fuck you guys, seriously. Good luck with that rebranding propaganda bullshit.