The japanese in this strip reads: “Welcome! I’m Little Kei”

Today’s strip is by William Gibbons, author and artist of Para-Ten and my main bro in 10kM.

As much as we may think we are unique in this world, no manner of strange living is completely without peer. William’s strip for today illustrates that maybe, just maybe, every one of us can find something in common with people of far-off nations.

I’d like to say thanks to William for filling in on today’s strip, he did it with very little notice and I commend him on an awesome idea. He’d actually drawn this character, Lil Kei, in class at one point and I laughed so hard at it, I’d hoped he’d do a guest strip with him in it and lo, here it is. It would appear that Sasquatch’s equivalent in Japan is a tengu.

Anyway, thanks William! We will be back to our regularly scheduled Happle Tea updates on Tuesday.