Rings of Power, priceless though they may be, are a difficult sell to any discerning pawn shop owner. This strip is a direct product of my strange subconscious mind and the unintentional misquoting of a movie line coming together. Hilarity ensues, or at least I hope it does, for you.

I recently reread The Hobbit, something I have not done since I was about 13 years old. Growing up, my mother read me very interesting books like The Lion, The Witch, and Wardrobe, as well as The Hobbit and other such fantasy classics. It is something I think has inspired me to be such a weird person, hell-bent on creating things and writing stories. I could be a great argument for or against reading to your children. Do you want your child to grow up to write and draw incredibly ridiculous comics? If yes, read to him or her. If not, skip it entirely.

Maybe I am extrapolating too much. I suppose my peculiar experiences and lifestyle can not be used as a measure for other lives, but I do honestly think that reading to kids a great deal at a young age can produce some strange results. Most of the people I know that were read to have a desire to create, at least at some fundamental level, even if it does not enter into their daily or working lives. It is an interesting thing to think about.

Maybe someone will read Happle Tea to their tiny children some day.

Maybe those children will be completely traumatized.

One can dream.

Oh yeah, I made you some nice new wallpapers for various screen sizes. I hope that you like them. In case you missed it, the store is now open for print sales. You can buy any Happle Tea strip on high quality paper for 5 dollars right now. Also, if you have any Happle Tea fan-art, please email me so that I can add it to the new fan-art section!