Another comic with fireworks in it! Another comic sort of about Independence Day, but not really! Seizures! Foaming at the mouth! Excitement!

There isn’t really a ton to say about this one. I can’t come up with enough to fill this space about having mental issues enough to cause you to see amazingly coloured lights fill the night sky.

Instead, let’s talk about the new site a bit! As you can probably see, it is mostly done. There are a few more things that need to be added (a home button for instance on the left sidebar) and a few things that need to be fixed (the “Share This” button) but overall I’m very happy with how everything turned out. I’m terribly sorry that it took so long to get the site working but you should be noticing much more consistent load times and less outages now. With Coestar’s help (from over at Xenostarz) we were able to resolve all the major issues the site was suffering from. The long and short of it was that there are just too many of you awesome people visiting and our setup was not optimized to handle it.

So everything is as it should be and it is, hopefully, more friendly to look at here. We have nested comments so replying to a comment actually works, the archives are all here and there’s a nice new drop-down archive thing, and to top it all off the store is working still (just gotta get some t-shirt pix put back in there). This week I hope to actually write and draw the mini comic I’ve been wanting to do to celebrate the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Happle Tea (which was July 1st) and that will join the shirts in the store.

Anyway, I hope you like what we’ve done with the place! Thanks for sticking around and accept my apologies for the site being so wonky for two whole weeks! <3