Poor Jack Frost, mistaken for a lecherous creep. I suppose that’s what you get when you gad about lurking around windows.

The personification of natural processes isn’t exactly a unique event in the history of mankind. In the realm of myth and folklore everything from deities to giants probably began its conceptual life as the personification of some natural event or object. Jack Frost is no different. Thought by some to be the bringer of winter himself, Jack Frost has been a relatively popular figure in stories for quite some time and has made his way into modern popular culture, even starring in well known Christmas movies. Other tales tell of how his job is simply to freeze standing water or to create the lovely patterns of ice you find on your windows on very cold mornings. Either way, when Jack Frost arrives, winter isn’t very far behind him.

This is a short blog post as I have final projects due and haven’t got very much time in which to finish them. I wanted to get something up for today, since I had (shamefully) missed a comic last week and would hate to repeat such miserable mistakes for two weeks running!

I hope everyone is having a nice start to their holiday vacations! For those of you out there still finishing up some work or classes, stay strong! It will all be over soon!