There were so many body parts left un-discussed in Washington Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow. That rider could have been missing anything, but no, Irving had to go the uninspired route and leave him headless. How dull.

This comic is now a venue for the very best butt jokes.

One of the interesting things about legends and stories is the sheer ridiculousness of the vast majority of them. Things that couldn’t possibly be true are held as real by people that, for some strange reason, desperately want to believe them. The people in Irving’s tale mirror many of those in the world today. There are many individuals that cling to strange stories and rumours of monsters despite the lack of facts involved. A few hundred years ago, there were legitimate fears about specific places and a general lack of knowledge lead to the dissemination and belief in stories that made no sense. Nowadays, however, we still hear ridiculous rumours and people immediately believe them. We can assume one of two things: A) these people are fools and are ignorant or B) they have a need to believe in more than meets the eye. Perhaps the world we live in now lacks a certain mystery and spiritual quality that it once had, I really can’t say for sure.

That’s not to say that we should stop wondering, stop being curious, give up searching for new and strange things. It’s just that we need to use our heads as well; temper curiosity with reason. That’s the lesson to take away from Irving in this case. If you let fear rule your life, nothing good will come of it.

All I know is that if you tell people about a spectral horseman with no head, they might wonder about it and take it seriously, but if you tell them about a horseman with no ass they’ll laugh it off.

Really though, it’s all a joke.

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