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Frogs. What is there to say about ’em? They’re wet, amphibious, often times colourful, sometimes poisonous. What doesn’t science tell us about them? How about the fact that their jokes often go horribly, horribly wrong? Bet you didn’t know that!

This particular story is from a group of people in Africa and it is pretty amusing without embellishment. Essentially, Gazelle (with a capital G) talks to Frog (with a capital F) one day during the start of the dry season. Everyone knows Gazelle is pretty gullible so Frog talks up his incredible powers of resurrection. That night, Frog goes home and Gazelle, without any warning, burns the poor guy’s house down. Months pass and the local animals mourn the loss of Frog and his family who were much respected and loved in the community. Finally, the rains return and, miraculously, so do the Frogs and their children. Everyone is stunned, especially our friend Gazelle. He asks Frog about the afterlife and receives a detailed description about its heavenly delights. At this point, Gazelle goes home, lights his house on fire while he is in it and expires. Nobody mourns the loss of such an irritating creature, least of all Frog. He chuckles to himself that Gazelle never realized he and his family simply buried themselves in the dirt every year at the start of the dry season.

Now, the story pertains to the seemingly miraculous return of the frogs during the dry season. The essential theme I see is that it behooves us to learn about what happens around us. Lack of that knowledge could prove to be our undoing. Worst of all, that fate is our own fault.

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