I always thought it was hilarious that authority figures would ever take kid/teen detectives of any sort seriously. The majority of them were, in some way, related to police officers or mayors or whatever but the idea that kids would know how to solve a case is ludicrous. I will be honest, I was a pretty smart little kid, but solving real crimes was out of my league.

This strip raises some interesting questions:
1) Is Sasquatch a detective? Is this why K is involved in sleuthing?
2) Is Allev a boy or a girl?
3) What the hell is that monster in panel 3?

I can answer the third question. It is the dread popobawa.

I will leave you in the dark on the other two questions.

This is the first time I’ve been late with a post and I am loathe to admit it here in the news space where it will be forever immortalized. The strip is a whole 29 minutes late and it is a huge bummer. Unfortunately, life has stepped in the way of work at the moment and my presence is required home for family business. Because of the work load at school I haven’t got a back-log of comics to utilize. Normally, this is not an issue as I can keep up with the strip in spite of mammoth courseloads, disease, famine, and sundry other afflictions. However, this event has surprised everyone and so I am (hopefully) leaving you in the capable hands of Sweet William for Thursday. If need be, I may find a stand-in for Tuesday as well, but we will see.

William has not agreed to this but we were talking about him doing a guest strip again earlier today, so here’s hoping!

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