I went to the hospital yesterday to get checked out since I’d been having weird heart palpitations for the last few days. I spent seven hours there, waiting to get seen and then getting checked and I spent maybe 15 minutes of that time talking to actual doctors. What was I to do except write some stupid comics about the experience?

Also, I did not get to meet House, but the thing with the fairy is true. Maybe I was hallucinating.

In the end, the doctors didn’t seem to know what was wrong with me. They also didn’t seem to believe me when I told them I don’t drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, drink caffeine, eat shitty food, or have cholesterol problems. I’m young and skinny, so this has been confusing for everyone.

Thankfully they seem to be going away on their own. I thought it was cleared up this morning but they’ve come back a bit and go away randomly. The doctor said it could be something nutritional or sleep-related, so we’ll see. All I know for now is that I feel fine aside from the random awkward delayed heartbeats.

I’m really grateful that my brother was there with me the entire time. I would have lost my mind waiting that long without him being there to play Monster Hunter Portable with me the entire day.

Sorry the lack of comics of the variety you usually see here, Monday is usually my day to draw strips and I didn’t expect to spend my entire day in the hospital yesterday.

I’m also sorry for how badly I drew Hugh Laurie. Will he ever forgive me? Stay tuned.