Helen of Sparta was bangin’. I think we can all agree to that based on the myths. Based on her legendary hotness, our celebrities today don’t really compare. The fine ass that was Helen of Sparta (later of Troy) started a WAR, people. A war that lasted ten years. I’m sure everyone was very pleased with Paris’s decision.

The Trojan War is one of the most famous myths in the world. From it sprang other myths (the Odyssey, for example) and stories of heroes as well as terrible movies and books (I’m looking at you Orlando Bloom). There’s a lot to love about it and a lot of different ideas and themes to take from it. One could see the war as occurring due to the inherent evil in women as Helen is the single cause of all of the destruction. I’m sure this was a popular one for a long time. Personally, I see an interesting theme about not knowing the far-reaching consequences of one’s actions. Paris of Troy was a coward and a romantic, he clearly never intended to cause trouble, but by choosing to follow his heart rather than his head, he inadvertently caused the deaths of a great many people on both sides of the war as well as his own, in the end. That’s a pretty powerful message and one that is almost more true today than it was then.

I know I skipped some elements of the actual story here, but such are comics. In the myth, each goddess offers a bribe to Paris before his judgment is given and in some versions, Aphrodite even disrobes entirely to increase her chances of winning. Hera offers Paris kingship over Asia, Athena offers prowess and victory in battles, while Aphrodite simply offers the love of any woman he pleases. It goes to show the power that love has over the human heart and mind that he passes up some pretty incredible gifts for the love of a woman.