Sorry to do this to all of you for so long. It has truly been my intention to get back into the swing of doing Happle Tea for quite some time now but life and my own self doubt seems to get in the way. Rather than say too much about what I hope to do, I will simply endeavor to do it. I’ll interact more with all of you lovely people when I feel confident that I won’t let everyone down.

That said, I am alive and healthier than I have been in a long time. I’ve been sorting through some of my weird hangups when it comes to writing Happle Tea, and I finally have a diagnosis for what the hell has been wrong with my stomach and body for years. I’m taking some medication that, surprisingly, should help clear it all up in no time at all. Hard to imagine that last bit, really but I’ve been assured that I should be normal in, at most, a couple of months.

Anyway, I do apologize for being abysmal at updating and interacting in the last year and half or so. I hope to get better at it again.