Christian dating (and by extension, most religious dating sites and programs) is such a weird concept. A lot of people have this image of the G-man as some kind of super-dad, always looking after them, but who would seriously go to their dad to set them up on dates? That’s just weird. Add to the mix the fact that this dude is supposedly always watching us…I just don’t know.

I guess it’s a great system for people that enjoy a voyeuristic third party involved in their love lives. I’m sure some people are into that.

When I was just a little lad growing up in a fairly Christian household, I remember finding the idea of a very watchful and omnipresent deity very disturbing. I took issue with it at a very personal level, really wondering why my privacy would have to be invaded to such a degree, and for what purpose, in the end? Just to make sure I wasn’t doing something silly like wearing clothes made of different materials or eating shell fish? It’s like, come on, God, that’s just not a good enough reason! Why do you care about my threads anyway!?

Being that concerned about holding on to the mystery of the fibers I choose to wrap myself in, you can imagine that religiously oriented dating would never really be up my alley, though I do understand the appeal. When you believe every minute interaction in the universe is being orchestrated by deft but unsubstantiated hands, it seems like a good bet to trust to the divine plan. Too bad it’s pretty obvious that the man upstairs hasn’t got a thing to do with these goofy websites. If he did, every date would be a massive success leading to absolutely no per-marital sex whatsoever (if you can even call that success!). Unfortunately, I’m certain that’s not the case. I guess the only true appeal is that you might find someone with similar beliefs as you, but you could just as easily do that at church and get free crackers and wine out of the deal.

Even considering the rather lackluster quality of the refreshments, it still seems better than throwing wads of cash out the window to me, but hey, what do I know?

And so ends the usual portion of the blog post.

I just wanted to apologize (again) for missing so many comics, this time it was a rather unacceptable length of time to miss a strip, but honestly, there was not much else I could do. I mentioned in a previous post that I had tried taking some medication for the anxiety problems I’ve been experiencing for years and spoke about how badly it affected me. Well, that was only the tip of the side-effects iceberg. After suffering from sleepless nights, panic attacks, and mild nausea, I started to develop more and more severe acid reflux which eventually culminated in about 2 and a half weeks of misery. It got to the point where I was sleeping 2 hours a night and eating about a quarter of the food I would normally eat due to the nausea and illness, if I ate anything at all. It’s not exactly easy to write and draw comics (or do much of anything) when you’re dealing with that sort of thing.

Anyway, I’ve started taking some acid reflux medication and it is helping significantly. I’m feeling loads better and I decided it was high time I got back to work and doing comics. I don’t anticipate relapsing into that state so comics are back on!

See you guys again on Friday!