The northeast (the region in which I live and thus the only region which I am remotely qualified to speak about) has been struck by a deadly heat wave in the last couple of days. It is so hot you could fry an egg in the road. It is so hot, that all of my β€œcool” friends are now simply warm, so hot, in fact, that I’m pretty sure I saw the Greek God Hephaestus, the forger, using the sidewalk in lieu of a forge.

That is hot.

We are now at the point where stepping outside without the proper equipment (namely SPF 500 sunblock) carries the risk of vaporization. Personally, I rather like my atoms in the state and structure they are in, but maybe there are individuals who are looking for a change of pace?

This is the sort of heat that causes Satan to stick it out in Hell for a while and not bother with tempting souls up here on the surface because, β€œit’s just too damn hot.” I’ve actually been thinking about vacationing down there in Hell for a bit, it really can’t be worse than here. At least it’s a dry heat down below, not unlike Arizona. In fact, it is suspiciously like Arizona. What are you hiding, people of the southwest? Is there something you would like to tell the rest of us?

Anyway, as you can probably tell there isn’t much to blog about today, as this is more a slice of life comic. I hope everyone out there is keeping cool as best they can!

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