What the hell was Judas even doing behind that rock? Was he waiting three days just in case? I guess you have to play it safe when you’re dealing with divinity.

Jesus is a tough figure to talk about nowadays, especially in America. There’s still a lot of devotion to him across the globe and sometimes that devotion seems to trump even the love expressed for his Father (with a capital F). Consider that for a minute.

Like the Buddha, Jesus (as a man) has always held my interest. Unlike other major religious figures, it’s hard to find a lot to dislike about what he preached. Some of what we read has almost certainly been doctored by writers with an agenda but the good bits are still terribly fascinating. As with myth, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to religion and that can breed confusion. Jesus, to me at least, seems like the sort of person that could have lived and his sermons seem reasonable for their time. Whatever the truth may be, there is power in stories and not many stories have had quite the same power that the life of Jesus has had. The proof is in the numbers. Roughly 33% of people in the world adhere to Christianity.

From a writer’s perspective, the story of Judas and Jesus is one of the most interesting bits about the last days of Jesus. In the tale Jesus asks God directly why it is he that must die for the sins of humanity, implying that he knows exactly what is going to occur. There has been some controversy about Judas’ role in all this. If Jesus knew, did he ask Judas to turn him over or did Judas stab him in the back? Did Judas really hate the savior of all mankind or was he commanded to do what he did? If he was commanded, why didn’t Jesus just turn himself in? There are so many questions! It’s like a half written detective novel. We’re left just at the cusp before the villain reveals himself and his master plan. That’s just sloppy workmanship.

Maybe there will be a sequel.

Regardless of your personal beliefs (I don’t adhere to the Bible’s assertions, FYI) the Bible is an interesting read. Wordy, difficult to process, and loaded with ideas that may seem foreign, but still an interesting read. It may be tough to find a copy, but you should try to find one somewhere.

Check a hotel or something.