The Christian god is clearly the king of logic. That guy has tremendous power, enough to create an entire universe and life within it, but ask him for a measly 60-100 years of decent living and he suddenly can’t hear you. Maybe it’s like developing video games or something, you’ve got to focus on where your people are going to be spending the most time. I guess the average life span isn’t much compared to eternity.

Then again, lifting a finger to straighten things out down here wouldn’t amount to much effort for a being with infinitely inconceivable power now would it?

You know what, I’ve talked about the G-man plenty by now, let’s just say he’s a pretty difficult fellow to deal with. Agreed? Marvelous.

I apologize again for my extended leave of absence from the site and the site’s subsequent leave of absence from the internet. You folks are wonderful people for sticking around so long and checking in on me and I am a butt for not communicating better. Many apologies. Those of you that follow me on Tumblr may have seen my post about what has been going on but for those that missed it I will give you a bit of info here:

Remember how I was having all those stomach problems and issues with anxiety and stuff? Well, that’s done now for some reason. Nobody really knows what the hell happened, least of all me, but the stomach problems I was having (I couldn’t eat a lot of food without getting ill – nuts, gluten, sometimes dairy) just disappeared. There’s some suspicion that one of the investigatory procedures done in the early portion of last year may have helped reset my digestive system somehow but we’re not really sure. All I know is that I can eat like I used to be able to about 9 years ago before all this started to happen. Interestingly enough, as those symptoms have subsided, my anxiety problems have also started to clear up. I had developed a lot of anxious thoughts relating to my stomach, throat, and digestion after such a long time and it made it very difficult to do anything at all. It’s still a process fighting through it, as it’s not 100% gone, but I’m really working hard to get over it.

My leave of absence has been about getting back to those things that I was able to do normally 8-10 years ago. I picked up a crappy part time job as a kind of paid therapy (thanks, mom), moved in with my dad’s family for a bit (thanks, dad), and started going to the gym with my brother (thanks, brother). I’ve been able to get out a ton more, see friends, eat food outside the house for the first time since all this started, and generally improve my situation in a ton of ways. The only issue was that I kind of forgot how to write and draw with so much else on my mind. Woops!

As I’ve increased my ability to cope with stress and stressful situations, I’ve been able to start working on the things I love again. I’ve written up two basic plots for story comics I’m working on, started writing HT strips again, and now I’ve got a new HT strip done. Things finally feel like they’re coming together! Now I just need to stick with it!

There are a lot of changes coming up for me in the near future that I’m going to have to deal with but I’m happy to have this site and this comic in my life as an anchor, holding me steady. I hope I can get back to updating twice a week soon.

To everyone concerned about me over these last months, thank you. It has meant a ton to me, I can’t even express it. <3 Much love, everybody! (Also, hopefully I can update this site design soon, I am trying to figure out how to do it again!)