Captain Jean-Luc Picard didn’t have to put with a lot of things. His crew knew that if they gave him any problems, they would be ejected into space.

Personally, I love First-Mate Owl and Sailor K. It’s hard to judge sometimes, what comics other people will find funny. I tend to just write things that make me laugh and owls always work for me. I’m a bit enamored with doing pretty artwork as well, so these ocean comics are fun.

Here are some fun facts about owls:

1. Owls represents wisdom in many cultures across the globe and throughout history.
2. The patron god of owls (among other things) in Greek Mythology is Athena
3. Owls make terrible sailing companions.
4. Owls will eat the teeth right out of your head and fly away. They don’t even care.

Two of those are true. It’s up to you to figure out which two.

This sort of harks back to the totem animal comic, but I’ve always loved symbols in art and stories. Owls are one of those things that seem to be viewed primarily as beneficial creatures, unlike say…snakes. Snakes in the Christian world are viewed as evil incarnate whereas they are viewed in a wholly different light by Native American tribes. Of course, there are some small pockets of owl hatred in the world, Russia for instance, has culturally viewed owls as bringers of death and disaster. The Apache saw owls as a terrifying beast to be feared above all others. We here in the west grew up with the image of wise old owls and owls that warned us to stop polluting or to eat tootsie pops.

It’s hard to imagine owls as being terrifying when you’ve grown up with that sort of imagery.

Oh and here are some more sketches for you to look through if you so desire. Working on some life drawing, portraiture, and character design still.