We were just happy to make a sale.

The Small Press Expo was an interesting experience. It was my first out of state convention and my first non-anime related convention. William and I attended Anime Boston for a couple of years and, needless to say, we didn’t quite fit in. SPX was a very different time, starting with the drive. It was eight and a half hours.

We live in the Boston area and driving all the way south past Baltimore was a nightmare. Luckily for us, we were rewarded with being able to watch the Fellowship of the Ring on television in our swanky hotel room after the drive.

Our time at the con was largely spent manning the table, ill-positioned though it was. We were situated in some kind of vortex where even people looking for us had a difficult time finding us. It was totally amazing to meet people that had read the comic or seen it on stumble upon, I felt…strange somehow. It’s like this whole thing wasn’t real until that moment. I can look at web site traffic stats all I want but that’s not real in the same way that meeting a living human being is. Hearing people’s stories about which comics got them started and seeing people laugh when they flipped through our portfolio book was just amazing.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and thanks to everyone who reads the strips. You guys and gals make this thing I do feel significant.

Thanks also to Liz, William, and my brother Jonathan for always helping me when I need it and for offering their input on strips. You are all awesome.

Now to mention some folks from the con! I got to meet some incredibly talented people sitting next to us. Melody’s comics were incredibly beautiful, I had to pick a few up for myself. There were some adorable buttons and handmade crafts from motobus there as well. I talked to the dude who does Desmond’s Comic (which appears to be down right now?) and grabbed one of his comics. I almost got to meet Kate Beaton but just as I got to the front of her line, she had to go to a panel (gahh!). We spent some time talking to the exuberant John Folk, who inundated us with pins, and talked to the folks behind Omonomopoeia.

All in all, it was a great experience. We learned a lot and got to meet fabulous people and I’m glad I had the opportunity to do it, even if I was a nervous wreck the entire first day. Once again, thanks to everyone who stopped by, you all made my day!