The image below is, indeed, the first T-shirt design idea for Happle Tea. I’m wondering how many people would be interested in purchasing one. I am thinking I will sell them for about 15 dollars each. If you think you would like to order one, please email me ( with the subject “I’d like a t-shirt“.

This isn’t a binding contract or a pre-order, just an idea to see if I should bother printing shirts right now.

PS- To clear up some questions: The grey would be whatever the shirt colour is, I haven’t decided yet what colour to go with for the first round of printing but I’m looking at different places. Also, the URL is (hopefully) not going to be right there. I want it to be on the back between the shoulder blades, but I have to see if that costs extra. I will keep you updated. Thanks to everyone who’s sent an email so far! 😀

T-shirt design

The design as it would (hopefully) appear on a shirt. Do people like brown? I think it would either be a darkish brown or a grey, those seem to look best with this design.

on shirt design

Regular News

I have painted, for you, a vision of the future. Lizards with lasers. Talking dinosaurs. A boy who destroys the space time continuum with a crayon up his nose.

This is the first of a series of strips about Benjamin Franklin Rex and Future K. If you missed their first appearance, point yourself this way.

I’ll probably parcel out these bits of story randomly. It was pretty fun to work on and certainly a different process. I hope you enjoy it.

Mythological madness continues on Friday!