…Maybe she has a great personality?

I hope everyone liked Sweet Will’s contribution on Friday. We are now back to our regularly scheduled Happle Tea updates, however! Tuesdays and Fridays are feeling pretty good so this may be what we end up with for the year.

I went through the archives earlier and organized everything a little more neatly. All comics done beforethe site was actually up are now archived in May, 2009. Everything after that is automatically archived on the appropriate day. This makes it easier to browse the older, more shoddy comics.

I’m working on a few things right now that I’m hoping everyone will like. First, I’m writing a graphic novel and doing some concept sketches for it that I’ll probably be sharing soon to get some feedback. That’s the big one at the moment. Second, I’m working on a personal gallery website that I can post REALLY good things that I’ve done as a sort of online portfolio. I’m planning to put some of the things I’ve done in school up there as well as some really finalized drawings I’ll be working on. I’ll probably have a section for sketches as well. Finally, I’m getting a donation button that doesn’t look horrible put up. If people would like to contribute to my groceries and rent, it will be there. If not, no biggie, I do these comics because they are fun and I just hope people like them.

I’m also waiting for approval from Project Wonderful so I can put up some advertisements for other comics here. Once I start getting some better traffic, it could really help me out.

Oh, and I just picked up a couple of volumes of a comic called Mouse Guard that is absolutely fantastic. Beautiful artwork, interesting story, and smoothly written dialogue make it one of my favourite things ever. Maybe you should check it out?