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Magical fish abound in myths and religions all over the world. There are carp, there are generic ocean fish, there are all sorts of weird sorts of aquatic creatures that cause human beings trouble or grant them wishes. Both Jonah and Pinnochio were swallowed by a whale, for example. Typically, the story goes that mermaids grant wishes to humans that catch them or visit them under the sea but there are variations on that idea.

Personally, I think it’s all very fishy.

Here we are back to our regularly scheduled weirdness. Monday’s strip was my attempt to talk about something that bugs me and that I also find hilarious, but I’m not sure it was terribly successful. I tend to feel a lot better about the concept and the artwork on strips that keep it simple and make people laugh or smile. There’s something gratifying in that. There’s also something really difficult about writing strips that are widely accessible.

In other news, the semester is almost over here at school and that means that I can get more work done on the site and forums soon! Hooray! I desperately need to finish some advertisement stuff so that William and I can get them out on Project Wonderful. We’ve also got a comic we’ve been putting together that needs a website of its own!