Poor Lil K, left with a rather ridiculous looking slug as a spirit guide. What a slug is supposed to teach you about yourself and your spiritual path, I have no idea. Exercise caution around salt? That’s all I’ve got.

The role of the noble shaman, once respected, revered, and necessary in cultures all across the globe, has been relegated to the realm of hocus pocus, witchcraft, and at best, a weird sort of new-age revivalism. Shamanism was once practiced by almost every group of people at some point in their history, albeit in varying forms. Its interesting to consider that common spiritual root we all share. Shaman were storytellers, medicine men (or women), and spiritual protectors. They were responsible for the mental and emotional well being of their people; kind of a big deal. Nowadays, its hard to find an equivalent source of spiritual guidance. Priests don’t really fit the bill, nor do doctors or psychologists. The reality is that the shaman was, typically, all of these things.

I’ve always loved looking into the shamanic traditions of various cultures. That natural, in-tune-with-the-earth vibe that runs through them all has always resonated pretty strongly for me.

I did hourly comics today alongside catching up on schoolwork, going to class, and doing the strip! Its ridiculous and hard to read in places but you can check it out here, if you’d like.

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If you missed last friday’s replacement strip (leviathan is no more) click here.

And finally, there are going to be some changes to the website. Not major ones, just some subtle retuning to make the site more streamlined and such. You can probably expect some weirdness going on in the middle of the week.