It’s a sad (but absolutely true) fact that there are, indeed, dogs out there that are better dressed than me. No matter how stylish I try to be, some canine in the world will be sporting something far more expensive and better looking than anything I could hope to own. We’re used to feeling inadequate around the wealth and style of other humans, we know how to deal with that, mainly through frustration and misplaced anger, but what do you do when dogs are surpassing you? I’m sure there are dogs out there that are eating better than me too!

Damnit! Why even try!?

I recently started to update my wardrobe for the first time in something like eight years. I found some fairly inexpensive stuff that looked nice. I decided it’s probably time I stop wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable jeans and t-shirts with stupid things on them. I felt pretty good about the process, but then I was exposed to Menswear Dog (thanks, Dan!) and I knew there was just no way I could ever match that level of fashion. My dreams of ever being a cool, well-dressed dude were destroyed in an instant. Now I just wear sweatpants and an old barrel with some straps.

I figure if you can’t be the best, you might as well try to be the worst, at least that’s something I could potentially attain. My quest for the bottom has begun!

Anyway, sorry for the lack of strips! As I mentioned on twitter, I’m looking for a new place to live and I have to move very soon. There is a lot of stress in life right now but I’m staying positive! I’m trying to keep up with the comic despite sorting all this stuff out and looking for more work.