Ah Easter, that central holiday in Christian belief where the miracle of Jesus’s resurrection is celebrated. Every year in April, Christians gather in churches to recognize this important moment in the timeline of their savior’s life.

But there is another miracle here that we don’t discuss. A miracle so profound and so mind blowing that it reveals divinity such as we have never seen before.

How does that easter rabbit get around and hide eggs all over the world?!

How does he even pick those eggs up? He doesn’t have opposable thumbs!

Move over Jesus, there’s a new miracle worker in town.

The dichotomy of Christian holidays has always struck me as being sort of hilarious. On the one hand you have these very serious holy days marking important events in Christian history. On the other hand you have the secular side of things mostly driven by consumerism and pleasure. Somehow a celebration of the resurrection of the savior of all mankind turns into a festival with rabbits and eggs. I guess that’s cultural metamorphosis at its best.

What’s really interesting is that the holiday, chosen at this time of the year to help ease the transition of pagans into Christianity, has been slowly moving toward its roots. Back in the day, the many European pagan traditions held spring celebrations at this time of the year. There are accounts from one medieval historian of a germanic festival celebrating Eostre, a particular pagan goddess, at the end of April. There’s some controversy over this account, as it appears to be singular. Nowhere else do we have information about this celebration.

Nowadays, to large portions of the population, Easter is a holiday that in some ways celebrates spring, much in the same way that it did a thousand years ago. Not to say that its Christian implications are dying out, it’s just that some of those spring festivities are having a bigger impact on how the holiday is celebrated. With more and more people identifying as Atheist, Agnostic, or non-Christian in America and Europe, national holidays become more public domain. They shift and change to fit the needs of the people and become what we could never really predict. For those of us that aren’t terribly interested in celebrating the Christian side of the holidays, there is always something else to turn to and that’s pretty cool.

For those that celebrate the Christian meaning of the holidays, there are profound thoughts that come at this time of year with regard to the life of Jesus. At this time of more openness about religion and beliefs, it’s important for Christians to recognize that they are not a persecuted minority. At these times of the year there is usually some discussion about a “War on Easter” or a “War on Christmas” but the reality is that people are now simply more open about their particular set of beliefs. There is room in this world for all of us, we can all celebrate together even if we celebrate for slightly different reasons.

I think it’s safe to say that whatever your spiritual beliefs, a magic rabbit, pastel coloured eggs, and sugar induced comas are an incredible and appropriate way to appreciate the coming of spring OR the death and subsequent resurrection of your savior.

I know it’s late but I hope everyone had a good Easter or, if you don’t celebrate, a great late April weekend.

I’m going to shoot for doing a few Anime Boston wrap up comics for Friday!