I love seeing huge leaf piles in the Fall. Even in my 20’s now, I want to jump in them and frolic. I’m always worried that they might hide something like a boulder or a bottomless pit.

Or maybe even a sasquatch.

It’s Fall here in New England, or it will be when this heat wave ends and we’re enjoying the weather cooling off a bit. Fall’s a wonderful time of year and one of my personal favorites, though it’s hard to ignore the coming winter. Despite living in Massachusetts for most of my life, (taking short detours to Arizona and Michigan) I’ve never been able to handle the cold very well. I guess that’s what I get for being skinny. Unfortunately, the only time of year I ever want to eat a lot of food is in the fall, during apple season and by then it’s too late. I need to pack on mass during the Summer like a bear if I’m ever going to be comfortable here.

For people that live in the south and aren’t able to witness a real change in the seasons, you’re kind of missing out. The shift from Summer to Fall is truly gorgeous and it’s all going down now. Trees decked out in reds and golds and oranges, festive colors for a season where everything dies or goes dormant. It’s an interesting contrast.

This is a short blog for a simple comic. I hope you like it. I tried to loosen up and enjoy the inks more and do some watercolor-esque paints.

It’s nice to have a little break and just enjoy the Fall season. I hope you all are too!