I tend to be a bit of a romantic about nature when I manage to get out and about and enjoy it. I’m often struck by thoughts like these, wishing inanimate objects were somehow capable of understanding the joy they can bring to a human being. It’s not very long after these romantic sentiments that I usually start to think about just how awful that would actually be.

Each fall, it would be as if millions of tiny voices cried out at once and were slowly, annoyingly, silenced.

Maybe it’s best that leaves not know anything at all. We can still enjoy the colors!

Fall is really and truly here in New England. In a few short weeks the trees will be completely bare again and we will begin our dark decline into winter, a time I find difficult to enjoy. Right now, though, the trees are ablaze with color, their leaves slowly shedding, a reminder of both the beauty and impermanence of life. It’s hard not to feel something when you stop and gaze at the foliage and really take it in. Though the cold may be on the horizon, I love the sights around me now and the crispness and freshness in the air. I’m always reminded of the few years I spent living in Arizona and how strange it was not to experience a real New England Fall.

Anyway, sorry about the missed comics! Last Friday ended up being the start to a rather difficult weekend and Monday (when I normally work on a comic for Tuesday) was my birthday so I took the day off. I’d like to get some more strips in the archive for this year to make up for all the ones I missed, so I may try to start doing some extras on weekends, but we’ll see how that works out as there’s been some significant work happening since a little over a week ago…

Yes, I’m talking about a real first volume of Happle Tea in book format! It’s finally happening! Comics have been laid out on their appropriate pages and I have started working on the blurbs to go with them! The book is looking like it will be about 100 pages. 90 pages of comics and some introductory stuff along with a little bonus content at the end!

After the text is all laid out I’ll be working out what I want to do for reward tiers, because I will have to use Kickstarter as I am as broke as a person can possibly be. You can bet there will be some fun stuff, so get excited! Get ready! Hopefully I’ll have things ready in the next couple of weeks!

As always, thanks to everyone on twitter and facebook, thanks to everyone emailing me and offering encouragement! Thanks for commenting and sharing, thanks for being here to read and enjoy the strips. It means the world to me!