First off, thanks to my brother for providing the foundation for this comic. I’d also like to thank him for always supporting me. He is a wonderful person.

Second, I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge fan of reality TV in general, but reality shows like Ax Men, Ice Road Truckers, and Deadliest Catch garner a great deal more of my scorn than your standard white trash Reality Television program. The latter is guilty only of being poorly produced and draining the intelligence of Americans, while the former blatantly glorifies the worst parts of humanity (greed, the rape of the natural world, etc) and puts it on a pedestal. I get that it’s the “Regular Joe” type guy against the odds, but that has never been me or anything I wish to identify with. For me, I’ll always prefer thought provoking work over things that glorify the status quo.

That was a sort of long-winded tirade.

It’s funny, a lot of the comic strips I write here are born out of frustration or slow-simmering rage with the world I live in. That might sound counter-intuitive, but I think most people that work with humour for a living operate this way. Comedy is a form of self-defense for people that examine things too much and too closely. It’s a way for us to, like a tai-chi master, redirect the energy of anger and rage to more positive things like humour and hilarity.

It’s pretty interesting when you stop and think about it.

Maybe it isn’t, though. Maybe you prefer to watch Deadliest Catch? I guess we’re all different.