What is happening around this place? First, he disappears for a couple of months with no word, then all of a sudden he’s back and updating two times in one week and both comics are about gods and animal sex? Yeeeesh!

That’s right folks, it’s some kind of theme week! On Tuesday we had Zeus trying to get with some woman by transforming into animals, and today it’s all about Loki’s sexual conquest of a horse over a bet. It’s sad that Loki didn’t even need to lose a bet for this to happen, he just really wanted to WIN a bet. Wrap your head around that.

The building of the walls of Asgard is a pretty well known story. It begins when a smith arrives in Asgard and makes a bet with the gods that he can fortify their domain in just three seasons. The gods, surprised by this, ask what his fee might be and are even more shocked when he demands the hand of the beautiful Freya in marriage as well as the sun and the moon. Loki urges the gods to make a deal with the stranger but with odds more in their favor. They confer and, against the wishes of Freya, make this new bargain: that the smith should have Freya, the sun, and the moon if he can complete this arduous task in a single winter. The smith agrees to these new terms under the condition that he shall be safe while he works.

As his work progresses, the gods marvel at the speed with which the wall is being raised. The gods are even more surprised by how much work the fellow’s horse, Svadilfari, is doing. The powerful stallion continually hauls enormous boulders over considerable distances which the man himself shapes and fits into the wall. Together, the two nearly complete their task with just three days left of winter. The gods, terrified that the stranger will win the bet, seize Loki, seeing as he talked them into this situation. They threaten to kill him if this fellow, clearly a giant in disguise, manages to complete his task on time. Loki swears that he will find some way to stop the smith.

Later that very night, Loki turns himself into a mare and whinnies to Svadilfari from off in the snowy woods. The stallion, intrigued, snaps his reigns and follows the mare into the night. The disguised giant wakes up to find his companion missing and realizes there is no way that he can finish the wall now and lets loose in a fit of rage. The gods, now knowing this man to be a giant, call for Thor who, despite having promised the smith safety while in Asgard, strikes the fellow with his hammer, shattering his skull.

Not too long after this incident, Loki returns from the forest, leading a majestic eight legged horse, Sleipnir, that he gives as a gift to Odin.

That’s right, folks, Odin rides around on Loki’s and Svadilfari’s weird love-child.

That’s Norse mythology for you!

Big ups to my boy Dan for helping me with writing new strips! <3