Do you lack motivation? Perhaps you need to try draping yourself over things. I do it all the time and let me tell you, it works wonders for my outlook on life.

You may notice some changes to the website going on here and there. I managed to finally get a new banner done up today. I think it’s better than the crappy old one. You can also see that there’s a nice little picture over there on the right hand side for donations. Nobody is obligated to donate, and nobody will ever be required to pay for HT in its web format. Next year, before convention season, I’ll be printing up the strips into a small book to sell and THOSE will cost money. However, until then, if you’ve the means and the inclination and you really like what I do, donations would be appreciated. I’m a student, I’m moving into an apartment with 3 other people in September, and I am scrawny and need to eat. Even if everyone just donated a dollar a month, you could help keep me fed and sheltered! Wouldn’t that be nice? Donations will also keep me from having to put up advertising…blech.

I won’t carry on about donations very much. The button isn’t working just yet anyway, I’ve got to sort that out with Paypal.

I’m also starting to put up some handy links to various things, like the Ten Thousand Masks home page, William Gibbons’ comic Para-Ten, and the RSS subscription. This weekend, I’ll put up a few more things.

We’re also looking at setting up some forums for fans of Happle Tea and Para-Ten to discuss things and for non-fans to flame the shit out of us. I am also still working on figuring out how to get some merchandise going. Unfortunately, at this point, I don’t think I’d make enough from merchandise to justify the costs, but maybe in a few months if things carry on as they are, I’ll be able to go for it.

Anyway, thanks as always for commenting, telling friends, and just reading the strip. I hope it gives you some enjoyment!