The dramatic conclusion of Don’t Pawn the Ring is here! Don’t miss it! This is, technically, only the third Happle Tea strip that does not feature Little K. How odd it feels to do a strip without him in it.

In keeping with improving our websites and our studio page, we now have forums. I am not sure what unsavoury characters will one day come to inhabit this zone of loose morals and communal horror. Perhaps it will be you?

The forums along with many other things are in their infancy. I plan to work on them a bit more over the course of the week and organize them nicely for everyone to use. I am also going to have a new print up in the store by this weekend, I think.

Thursday is my birthday. How exciting!


Saturday marks a 24 Hour Charity Gaming Marathon from the folks over at My good friend, Victor, who’s name rests forever engraved on some of these very strips, is among them. Please think about donating to their cause, this is a 24 Hour gaming session for the Texas Children’s Hospital. ALL OF THIS MONEY GOES TO HELP KIDS WITH CANCER. If you can not donate, please tell your friends and family. It is a wonderful cause.

Around Christmas, I believe that William and I will be doing a charity comicing marathon. 24 Hour comics for Child’s Play is the current thought, but we have not quite worked out the details. Keep it in mind!