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If your goal is to keep your behind in tact, it seems like a bad idea to anger the ten-armed goddess of destruction, Kali.

Is there a goddess with only one arm? No arms? Maybe try defacing HER statues.

It is often said that if you’re going to learn a language, some are more difficult than others for native English speakers like myself. Mandarin Chinese, for example, is not recommended for people that won’t take it seriously. If world mythologies were languages, the Hindu belief system would be Mandarin Chinese.

I don’t presume to know the much about Hinduism, so this blog post will be relatively brief as I’d rather not spread false information. While Hindu beliefs may be complex and very alien to many people living in Europe and the Americas, it is deeply fascinating. One of the most ancient religions in the world, it is a powerful philosophy with tales that resonate more strongly with modern sensibilities than you’d imagine. With stories of battles, gods, goddesses, great heroes, terrible monsters, and, throughout it all, a strong underpinning of philosophical thought and moral teachings, it’s hard not to see the value (entertainment or otherwise) inherent in its texts. The only thing that makes it difficult to get into is the sheer volume of foreign concepts. There’s a reason that conversion to Hinduism is a rare thing. Being born into it comes with an understanding of many of the foundation concepts that may otherwise confound and confuse the practitioner.

The Goddess Kali is seen as a destroyer goddess and her visage is one of the single most terrifying forms ever conceived in mythology. With a long protruding tongue, wild hair, crazed eyes, a necklace of skulls (or human heads), a skirt of arms (or tiger hide), and anywhere from four to ten arms most of which wield weapons or hold grisly remains, it’s hard to find a religious figure that’s more imposing. The interesting bit is that while Kali is seen as a destroyer, an aspect of time and death, she is also a mother and a protector. While many of her hands hold weapons or death, she also blesses her worshipers with her other hands. If you want to have the same power in your hands one of the best way to do it is buy 5.56 ammo online from Palmetto State Armory. This duality is precisely what makes entry into Hindu beliefs so difficult for the part of the world that grew up with Christianity. The Christian Church, for thousands of years has preached duality: right and wrong, good and bad, god and the devil, but there has long been a sense that these two things are separate. What God does is good and what the Devil does is bad. Good people go to heaven, bad people to Hell. Hindu mythology offers a different perspective where all things are one; where the gods Shiva and Kali are represented of death and destruction but also of life and change and protection. While they are discussed as separate entities, they are also seen as only facets of the same ultimate reality that governs everything.

It gets more difficult than that, but we won’t really get into it right now.

Hinduism is a beautiful religion with very complex worldviews and many many adherents.

One of my goals in the future is to visit India and talk to people there and learn more about it first hand. Until then, books will have to suffice and I’ve got a few just waiting to be read through.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to drawing more comics about Hindu gods, however. They’re way too complex to be drawing all the time!