It’s been some time since the original dire owl strip. As soon as I’d produced the first one, I knew I had comic gold in the form of an owl in a top hat and wanted to do more. Unfortunately, I don’t like to use any one character too much (except our hero, Lil K) and I wanted to make sure if Dire Owls made a return to center stage, I’d do them justice. Thankfully, with the panel restrictions removed, I was able to produce something I am proud of, something I am sure the Dire Owls won’t murder me for.

Oh yes, they’re real and if you speak ill of them, they will destroy you.

For those that maybe missed or skipped the original dire owl strip, feel free to acquaint yourself with it.

Please check this out, my brother got a stuffed owl and decked him out. I know the picture is fuzzy but you get the idea. It’s awesome.

I know this comic features a lot of owls, its safe to say that they’re one of my favourite animals and they have been for a very long time. I have an owl hoodie that Liz made me, as well as a calendar that she gave me featuring an owl for every month. There is also a plaque that my brother turned into a dire owl that hangs in the hallway at my apartment to greet anyone entering with menace and scorn. They are my favourite thing. They are also an animal I consider to be fairly untapped as a comic resource. They may be incredible predators that represent wisdom and strength to many cultures, but they are also totally ridiculous looking.

Anyway, here’s another of those weird strips where K is very…different. I guess murderous is the word but that’s a bit strong. Does this child have multiple personality disorder or something? Or maybe, like most kids, he is just given to doing things on a whim. Most kids, thankfully, do not have access to owl-assassins.