There is a lot of speculation in the historical and religious community about just how and why Halloween came about and what its symbolism means. I am here to tell you that they are all terribly mistaken. Lil K has, in his childish wisdom, solved that problem.

Albeit, with some unfortunate casualties.

I’ve always felt a bit bad for severe diabetics at Halloween, I imagine it must be like being Jewish around Christmas here in the States. Assaulted by imagery and foods that could very well destroy you for at least a day every year can’t possibly be fun. And yet, they persevere, a clear indication of tremendous constitution: both physical and spiritual. I salute them.

To everyone, I hope you have a very enjoyable Halloween, La Dia De Los Muertos, or whatever Pagan Rituals you may subscribe to. If you happen to see any cryptozoological creatures (perhaps a Sasquatch?), do forward your photographs to me: