The 10Km Store is now live! The button at the top works, so you can check it out if you so desire and I will alert everyone to any new things being offered. Right now we only have Prints available, but we are looking at getting buttons and shirts made. Unfortunately, shirts are rather expensive so until we start making more money from prints and donations, we can not print any just yet. I guess it gives us time to find the best place to get them printed.

I have also added some new links to the side bar! Feel free to utilize these to access the Ten Thousand Masks sketch blog and the new Fan-Art section. I am trying to get William and Jessica to update the blog as well, but there should be more frequent updates now in general.

Regular News
Mathematics tells us that the statistical probability that a person driving from Point A (anywhere in the United States) to Point B (Some ill conceived destination within the United States) will give or receive “the bird” is through the roof. In fact, I think we should change the old adage that the only things one may count on in life are death and taxes. We should be saying death, taxes, and the middle finger.

Needless to say, driving is nearly always a miserable activity for me. It stands to reason that there must be some horrifying overseer spreading misfortune, rage, and disgust across the highway system of America and, perhaps, elsewhere.


Do you have some Happle Tea fanart that you are proud of? Do you have some that you are deeply ashamed of? If you do, please drop me an email and let me know where I might find it. I am putting together a fan art section here on the site and would love to show off all the weird things people have done for HT. Please include your name (or alias, if you prefer not to have your name given out), your email address (if you want people to email you and say how much they love your work), and a link to your website if you have one (I will include it with the thumbnail and your name).