Christmas is over, but the idea of Santa Claus as a corporate entity was too much to pass up. I’d had several disparate ideas for Christmas themed comic that I tried to roll into one really long page for Christmas Day but it didn’t really pan out too well so I went back and reworked them to give them their own space.

Santa Claus, at least here in the States, is single-handedly responsible for the unholy resurrection of capitalism every year from November to December. Most businesses do okay throughout the year, but it’s not until after Halloween that everything really pulls together. The most poetic part of all this is that it almost mirrors the resurrection of Jesus himself. Am I saying that capitalism is the Messiah? Maybe.

Using religion and holidays as a tool for turning profits is nothing new in the world, unfortunately. For years the Catholic Church made a fortune selling indulgences to those rich enough to afford them. Nowadays, companies can sell products to the masses much more easily and push ideas that, in days gone by, would have been considered distasteful. Times, they are ah-changin’.

I guess it’s okay though. Giving gifts to others and being kind to human beings we don’t know is admirable. It would be lovely if we could cultivate this attitude throughout the year instead of on select days but I suppose life is difficult and people should be forgiven for not being able to keep up that level of enthusiasm.

Next up: New Year! Happle Tea moves into 2010 with a vengeance!