This comic is one small step for happle tea and one giant leap for all mankind. That is right, I am talking about the inclusion of Necromancers in web comics. Sure, people toss the word around, some might even include a poorly drawn character that they call a necromancer, but is it really? I submit that these people have failed. That said, I have taken up the mantle of responsibility and given the fans what they clamor for: dudes in capes that create and command the undead.

Expect to see more of Jonathan P. Necromancer, my friends. He is just too funny as a character to let him go. Why is he running for Selectman of all positions? Poor guy clearly has no ambition. I know that if I had necromantic powers, I would take nothing less than absolute control of the entire earth. After that, I would probably get bored and draw silly pictures and let somebody else do all the work. Ruling the world is just too much responsibility, I suspect. Perhaps that is the true wisdom of J.P. Necromancer.

I have been absolutely swamped with work lately from school but I carry on, fueled by your comments, your laughs, and your tears. Thank you, good happle tea readers, your support is delicious.