Every time I time I try to casually work JP Necromancer into a comic, he ends up taking over completely. There is simply no way to work him into a strip without his ridiculousness overrunning everything. I’m not sure if it’s the dramatic storytelling of his rather mundane lifestyle or his seeming inability to do anything properly necromantic, he just dominates whatever strip he is put into.

I sometimes want to do a totally separate comic devoted to exploring the sorts of things he gets up to on a daily basis. Maybe someday I’ll get around to that.

Judging by what’s going on in this strip, I think it’s safe to say he still hasn’t got around to getting elected to any kind of political office. If he had, this would be some pretty bad publicity.

But hey, at least he’s finally working with the undead, right? He’s been a recurring character for the last 2 years and this is the first time our necromancer has actually necromanced.

It’s still a little bit early for a Halloween strip but seeing as I don’t update before Monday, I figured we’d address the topic before it is too late. And who better to guide us into the proper holiday spirit than good old Jonathan P? There is certainly no one more qualified for Halloween comic appearances.

For those of you celebrating this fine holiday, enjoy yourselves and be safe! For those of you staying at home to pass out treats, make sure you stay away from the crap candy! You don’t want some fledgling magician to curse you or set their unliving servants upon you. Make the smart choice and get some proper candy!

As for me, I will probably be at home hanging out with JP Necromancer and Sasquatch. Nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary.

Happy Halloween, folks!