I like the world we live in and all, but the polycount here just isn’t high enough. In fact, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single polygon used at all…How can we take this place seriously in this day and age with no polygons?

Video games still use polygons, right?

Wait a minute, a Happle Tea comic that casually mentions video games!? And here you were, thinking that this was a different breed of comic, one that doesn’t reach for the low hanging fruit of video game jokes! You were wrong.

I happen to enjoy playing video games, myself, but sometimes my conversations with game playing friends and family or articles written by enthusiasts point out some funny ways of thinking. It is sort of strange to hear someone describe a video game world in words they rarely use to describe the actual world we live in. Perhaps there is a problem with being constantly surrounded by something as beautiful as the universe that just makes us tune it out most of the time. Maybe it’s some weird form of sensory overload that allows us to appreciate the rather contained human created worlds of video games and movies and simultaneously take the world and life we have now for granted most of the time. I’m not a social scientist or psychoanalyst. All I know is that it happens.

I will say, however, that there are moments of immersion in experiencing the things other humans create that actually surprise me so much that I am forced into contemplating the real world around me. You feel yourself enjoying a movie or game more and more and then, like being shocked when you touch a door handle, you’re jolted out of it and really grasp the fact that you are just sitting there with a controller or a book in your hands. Weird!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denigrating the desire to get lost in a different world. It’s fun and relaxing and it can offer some insight into our real lives to enjoy entertainment media. The point is just to take a step back from time to time and realize that the real world has a lot going for it too. There are amazing sights and sounds, wonderful textures, entrancing smells, and natural wonders that can’t be properly experienced if you aren’t paying attention. Sure, we’re sort of forced to live in the real world most of the time thanks to our responsibilities and our need to continue surviving, but how often do you stop and really seize a moment and think about it? If you’re anything like me, I’d say probably not enough.

So take a step outside and take a breath, think about what that breath means and look around. Smell the air, feel the crispness or warmth of it on your skin and examine the way the light touches surfaces. Take that moment and realize that you’re alive.

You’ll be glad you did.