I was turned into a zombie once but my health insurance told me they wouldn’t cover it because it was technically “a prior condition”. Apparently they consider us all zombies as it is. Bastards.

Hey, at least we have the glorious return of JP Necromancer to console us as we lie in the gutter gasping for air, right? Right guys?!

Health care in America sucks. I don’t do a lot of social commentary in the strip because it tends to be very polarizing and it’s not like people on the internet typically choose to think before they type but fuck it. This is a really obvious problem and I’m going to rant about it on my little soap box.

The issue of health care here in the United States is extremely polarized for a lot of people that don’t really know any better. Politicians, drug manufacturers, and the health care industry have somehow convinced an awful lot of people that the already ludicrous notion of American Exceptionalism™ finds its way into every facet of life. Don’t get me wrong, the US has a lot going for it, it is certainly not the worst place in the world and I don’t want people to get on my case with some bullshit that if I “hate America so much” why don’t I “just pack up and leave?” I’m writing this because it pisses me off and because I love living here. Loving your country doesn’t mean you ignore problems, it means you face them and speak up any way you can.

The fact is that there are a few very serious problems facing this country (and, unfortunately as a result, the world) that will only become compounded in the future and a major one is how we choose to care for our citizens. Ultimately, this is not a political issue but an issue of efficiency, access, and compassion. Health care is amazing here if you’ve got money to burn but a lot of people, including that great mythical beast “the American Middle Class” are struggling immensely under the financial burden of maintaining their health.

I speak from experience. My father and mother are both extremely hard working people, working 40-60 hours a week their whole adult lives. They both suffer from a variety of problems that only increase as they age. They’re both nearing their sixties with no hope of retirement in sight. They work to maintain their mortgage and home while also dealing with their health problems AND the additional bills that stem from those problems. It is often difficult enough to simply keep working when you suffer from physical or psychological issues, but adding multiple medications that can cost a hundred dollars or more every month as well as hospital visits can break a family financially and mentally.

We have the technology to save people with cancer and AIDS but hand them a life buried in debt. We can save people from serious car wrecks but lack the compassion and foresight to implement systems of care that allow these people to return to a normal life without the worry of crushing financial stress. We’ve got money and infrastructure to fight the most ass-backwards wars for years and years but we cannot find the funds and organization to take care of the people that come back from those wars scarred physically and psychologically.

If JP Necromancer ran for congress, I’d vote for him and he’d be better than the idiots we actually have.