The people (creatures) of Sirius 3639 are a reasonable bunch. When Y’orglaxis descended from on high and told them to maybe chill out and possibly, you know, love thy neighbor, they waited a few days before looking for something to nail him to. Unfortunately, living in an ecology that supports the growth of dense fungal forests rather than trees meant that it there wasn’t much in the way of sturdy materials for crucifixion.

They chose to simply tie him up to one of the mushroom-like fungi nearby for a while. Eventually, he stopped jabbering about peace and love, and everyone went about their business.

Several thousand years later, the majority of the betentacled creatures of Sirius 3639 adhere to several faiths rooted in the teachings of Y’orglaxis and his prophetic predecessors. These creatures, like many people here on earth, also choose to ignore most of the things their prophets taught.

Like us, they received the words of the Star-Father on a couple of pieces of what passes for rocks on their planet. Chief among them was the commandment to really, just stop all the killing. Some of the Sirians looked at these words and thought, “Yeah, I guess,” and stuck to that for a couple of years before starting another war with their neighbors. A thousand years after the death of Y’orglaxis, holy war was declared against the monsters of Perseus 5421 (creatures that look an awful lot like giant earth-rodents) when they dared to mention, rather casually, that they too had a prophet and that he had some quite wonderful things to tell them.

The Sirians didn’t like the sound of that.

A thousand destructive star-battles left the Perseans on a ruined world.

It’s really too bad that we live in a universe of uncertainties or the whole thing could have been avoided, seeing as it was Y’orglaxis himself that had also visited the Perseans.

Not only had the great prophet visited the rodent-people many years before, he had also delivered the same message of peace before being tied up to one of the many stalactites in their subterranean city. Like their hated enemies, they too had started religions based on this incredible figure and then largely chosen to ignore his teachings.

Meanwhile, Y’orglaxis, the real victim in all this, continues his way across the universe, trying to talk some sense into people and getting nailed up to pieces of wood, crushed under rocks, and stuffed in methane fissures for it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you probably shouldn’t go around trying to get people to talk it out instead of murdering one another, it only gets you killed, deified, and then subsequently ignored.